In an effort to constantly improve the quality of services to serve our Customers better and better, from November 2016, Rose Garden Residences officially launched Rose Garden Residences Membership Program  and issued VIP Card for all customers who are using products and services of Rose Garden Residences.

Prominent interests of Rose Garden Residences VIP Card are as follows:

  • Quick to register, easy to use
  • Attractive point accumulation rate
  • Able to use points for direct payment right after 24 hours
  • Easy to redeem points


Condition to open membership card

All legal individual customers aged 18 years and older with a valid ID (Identity card – Vietnamese/Passport or ID card – foreigners), not confidential or restricted capacity for civil acts.

The customers who stay in Rose Garden Residences at least 1 time

Benefits for members

  • Points are accumulated immediately when presenting Rose Garden VIP Card.
  • The accumulated points in the card are valid for spending only after 24hours with the exchange rate: 1000 point  = 1,000,000VND. These points can only redemm into product/service of Rose Garden Residences.
  • The Customer can decide by himself/herself how many accumulated points to be spent
  • Privileges of customers:

Privilege of early check-in, late check-out and room upgrading in the allowable condition

Lots of preeminent privileges and incentives reserved for each year only shall be introduced directly to the Customers

Earning point

When you sign new contract or purchase any product/service of Rose Garden Residences, present your VIP card to receptionists

The staff will inform you your available points. You can redeem these points for the next purchase after 24 hours

Redeem points

 When you want to use the points in your VIP card to purchase any product or service of Rose Garden Residences, please inform our receptionists and present your card.

The staff will inform you your avalable points left after your purchase

For all product/service of Rose Garden Residences, the exchange point rates are shown in the table:

No. Product/Service Exchange point rate Note
1 Rose Garden bracelet/ hat 1,000  
2 Rose Garden umbrella 5,000  
3 Rose Garden Set 10,000 Rose Garden hat (1), umbrella (1) and bracelet (1)
4 Airport pick-up 20,000 Please inform us at least 3 working days before arriving
5 A bottle of water lavie (19 litre) 40,000  
6 1 breakfast ticket 50,000  
7 1 movie ticket  60,000  
8 Supermarket voucher (100,000VND) 100,000 Please inform us at least 7 working days before the day you want to use the voucher
9 Dry laundry (1 time) 150,000  
10 2 Supermarket vouchers (500,000VND) 300,000  
11 1 Free night stay in Rose Garden Residences 350,000 Please inform us at least 7 working days before the day you want to stay
12 Travel tour VVIP

Special program for VVIP customers who stay at Rose Garden Residences at least 5 years.

*For more information please contact to Rose Garden Residences Office
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